KS Shock Seat Post 31.6-125mm W/REMOTE 385mm

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KS LEV DX Seatpost

  • Aluminum dropper with alloy trigger/clamp and cable junction cap
  • 100, 125 or 150mm drop options with the same air/oil system as the original LEV
  • Stationary remote cable routing, locates housing stop below the center collar
  • Housing stop rotates 360 degrees around the post for custom cable routing options
  • Locks anywhere in vertical range, so post will not extend when lifting the saddle
  • 2-bolt micro-adjustable seat rail clamp, angled bolts increase clamp strength
  • Patented one-way roller clutch bearing
  • 540g (30.9x125mm)
  • To choose the correct drop, measure from the center of saddle rail down to the top of the seat collar on the frame with the post height at the normal climbing height, then subtract 50mm
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