A "Fit First" approach to buying a bicycle

Here at Schwab Cycles we specialize in fitting, selecting, and setting up a bicycle tailored to you and your needs. Attention to the small details is what sets us apart. We consider all aspects of your cycling needs to assure you get a bike that fits, and is built to meet all your expectations. 


Step One- Get Informed, gather information

  • Determine budget, pricing
  • Determine riding style and main use of the bike
  • Frame and Fork materials
  • Component and build options



Step Two- Get fit

  • Set up an appointment to get fit on our size cycles, optimizing position and performance

Step Three- Analysis the data

  • Using bike specific CAD software, we place your fit position on prospective frame/bike options, looking for the perfect solution
  • Document and create a fit drawings

Step Four- Build a bike

  • Pick component drive train options
  • Discuss and pick wheels, tires, saddle, handlebars, stem and seat post options
  • Have the bike assembled and set up to your fit drawing specifications from fit session

Step Five- Final Fitting

  • With the bike in the trainer, we double check and fine tune the details, with you pedaling and positioned on your new bike
  • Finish up the small details and the bike is ready to roll

Step Six- Follow up

  • We feel if can take you and your new bike 4-6 weeks of riding to get in sync with each other. During this time we can discuss any questions, concerns or issues and make changes as necessary to assure you have the best possible riding experience