Tactic Tactic Mens Plus Short Sleeve Jersey

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Desgined to fit your body: Pattern system desgined for a lower and more aggressive position to improve performance. The jersey is ergonomically shaped and has a compresive structure. Includes meshes for an optimum breathability.

Visibilty as a security element: Visibility is very important. That's why a reflective strip is incorporated to increase the visibility when riding withlow light. Very efective as a road safety element.

Zipper lock to prevent vibrations: The zipper comes equipped with a blocking system, which prevents the pull tab from moving. This mechanism will make sure the zipper dosen't vibrate or open on its own. Designed to use it even with only two fingers.

Lightweight and breathable: The Fabric provides optimal breathability thanks to its grid like structure formed by small squares on different planes. It's located in the entire trunk area to quarantee complete freedom of movement.



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