Shimano GRX ST-RX820 Shift/Brake Lever with BR-RX820 Hyd Disc Brake Caliper - Right/Rear, 12-Speed, Flat Mount

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Shimano GRX ST-RX820 dual control levers delivers light and responsive mechanical shifting for mixed-terrain riding and racing (Note: BR1060 and BR1061 are left non-shift variations for 1x set ups). The ergonomic shifter design improves comfort by decreasing pressure on your palms, while the textured, anti-slip brake lever surface increases control on bumpy terrain. The SERVO WAVE brake lever action provides greater braking power with improved control. The GRX BR-RX820 2-piston disc brake caliper brings a high level of control to gravel cycling with enhanced modulation and a quick initial braking point. Despite its smaller construction, the system is exceptionally quiet and easy to maintain.

  • 12-speed shifter with brake lever for use with GRX RX820 12-speed systems
  • Gravel-specific lever body ergonomics and anti-slip lever coating provides greater control on mixed terrain
  • Optimized for use with flared handlebars
  • Reach Adjust mechanism allows the lever to be adjusted to suit any hand size, type of riding and individual rider preferences
  • SERVO WAVE technoloy provides fast initial pad travel to quickly contact the rotors followed with the power multiplication factor to give fast pad-to-rim contact to apply greater braking power with improved control
  • 2-piston caliper for 25mm frame mounts features 10% wider pad clearance to decrease brake noise
  • One-way maintenance-friendly bleeding process for quick and easy prevention of air bubbles in the hydraulic system
  • Includes finned L05A pads with a resin compound for enhanced heat dissipation
  • Disc brake rotor sold separately
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