Shimano Shimano G05S-RX Disc Brake Pad and Spring - Resin Compound, Stainless Steel Back Plate, One Pair

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Shimano G05S-RX Disc Brake Pads

  • Provides 50% more wear resistance than previous model (G03S)
  • Compatible with Shimano Models: BR-M9000, BR-M9020, BR-M987, BR-M985, BR-M8100, BR-M8000, BR-M785, BR-M7100, BR-M7000, BR-M675, BR-M666, BR-M6100, BR-M6000, BR-M615, BR-S7000, BR-S700, BR-CX77, BR-RS785, BR-R785, BR-R517, BR-R318
  • Consistently smooth and quiet braking power
  • Designed for dry and wet conditions
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