Petalos Women's Menta Bib Short

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Designed to fit your body

All bibs have a medium-high compression, with a low shape in the abdominal
and lumbar area, so they can enhance breathing and also offer a comfortable grip

Flat seams to avoid unnecessary friction

Flat, elastic seam made with a specialized machine in order to avoid strains, scratches
and possible irritants to the skin.

Visibility as a security element

Visibility is very important. That’s why we incorporated a reflective strip to increase the
visibility when riding with low light. Very efective as a road
safety element.

Seamless adherence and compression

System designed to obtain the closest fit possible with the least amount of pressure
possible. Also seamless to improve comfort, reduce friction and aid in good
circulation in the legs.


This polypropylene elastic strap structure has been ergonomically
designed to guarantee that it adapts excellently to awoman’s body without restricting movement. It has a Click-Clack clasp closure, so it’s easier to go to the restroom
without having to remove the jersey or jacket.

Specifically for the female figure

This pad has been designed and created especially for
a woman’s body and it guarantees excellent comfort
and optimum performance. It contains two foams of
different densities. Also, it has a porous exterior that
allows for the correct breathability and quick-drying

Petalos Sizing Chart

                                             III        IV          V        VI        VII       

Chest Circumference       72-78   78-84   84-90   90-96   96-102  

Waist Circumference        73-76   76-79   79-82   82-85    85-88    

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