Biria Easy Boarding Balloon 7 Bicycle

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The world's most comfortable step-through bicycles just got more comfortable. Featuring super high-volume balloon tires with a rounded contact surface, the Biria Easy Boarding Balloon-7 has all the cushion and shock absorption of a cruiser without the rolling resistance. The balloon tires on this model reduce the vibrations to the back and lumbar areas by around 25%.  At the same time, due to the shape of the balloon tires, they roll more easily than standard tires.  The balloon tires inflated to a tire pressure of 25-30 psi will perform like a full suspension bike, but without the complexity and extra weight of a full suspension bike.  In other words, comfort AND efficiency. 

Height recommendations:  

5'1" to 5'6" = 40 cm   

5'7" to 5'11" = 46 cm

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