Petalos Women's Sillin Half Short

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Designed to fit your body

All shorts have a medium-high
compression, with a low shape in the abdominal
and lumbar area, so they can enhance the
breathing and also offer a comfortable grip

Specifically for the female figure
This pad has been designed and created especially for
a woman’s body and it guarantees excellent comfort
and optimum performance. It contains two foams of
different densities. Also, it has a porous exterior that
allows for the correct breathability and quick-drying

Petalos Sizing Chart

                                             XS        S          M        L        XL         2XL

Chest Circumference       72-78   78-84   84-90   90-96   96-102   102-108

Waist Circumference        73-76   76-79   79-82   82-85    85-88     88-91

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