Bicycle Fitting

Experts for any cyclist, from novice to serious riders and racers,

Don't let discomort or aches and pains limit your riding enjoyment


  • Performance based for comfort and power output
  • Ride with less discomfort and/or pain
  • Practical solutions to chronic issues and problems
  • Over 25 years experiance fitting cyclist to their bicycles


Fit to an exsisting bicycle, Road, Tri, TT, MTB, Urban

  • Discuss issues and goals
  • Set/adjust saddle height
  • Set saddle fore/aft and tilt
  • Review upper body position with recomendation on stem/handle bar setup
  • Set/adjust cleat placement
  • $100.00/hour 


Fit for a new bicycle

  • Measurments of body
  • Measurements of exsisting bicycle
  • Discuss issues and goals
  • Determine starting position for the Waterford Size Cycle
  • Fine tune riding position using video capture while on size cycle
  • Document the position
  • $150.00
  • $65.00 if buying a bike from us under $2000.00
  • FREE if buying a bike from us over $2000.00