Hammer Nutrition Gel 20oz

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Hammer Gel energy gels are 100% pure complex carbohydrates.

  • ⋅ Can be used straight, diluted or as a flavoring
  • ⋅ Complex carbohydrate formula, no added simple sugars
  • ⋅ Made with real fruit and wholesome ingredients, no artificial colors or sweeteners
  • ⋅ Contains sodium and potassium to counteract cramping and post-exercise fatigue
  • ⋅ Gluten-Free and Vegan Friendly
  • ⋅ The virtual absence of simple sugars allows for easy digestion
  • ⋅ Contains no MSG
  • ⋅ Tropical and Espresso flavors contain caffiene
  • ⋅ Eco-friendly 26-serving jug
  • ⋅ Flasks sold separately
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