Pashley Tri-1 7speed

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Pashley has a hard-earned reputation for crafting the very best tricycles, that has endured for over eighty years, and they constantly strive to build on this reputation with ongoing innovation.

The Tri-1 is the latest product of this process, being a marriage of their classic three-wheeled design with the very best modern componentry. It comes complete with wide ratio 7 speed gears, which means you can tackle even the steepest of hills and keep up with the pace of city traffic. Not only this but the dual braking system, comprising of a classic calliper brake and a powerful enclosed hub brake, gives you the control you need whilst the chrome riser handlebars puts you in an upright position for the best visibility and comfort imaginable.



  • Wide ranging 7-speed indexed derailleur gears
  • Secure parking brake
  • Reflectors for added visibility
  • Effective front double-braking with hub and v-type brake combination
  • Light-weight, durable mudguards
  • Large rear webbed luggage platform
  • High-comfort padded saddle
  • Robust tricycle frame with stable and upright riding position
  • Tires with puncture protection
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