Custom Mountain Wheels

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For many riders hand built wheels are the perfect choice. They are lighweight, durable and ver easy to maintain. With our help we can choose the perfect combination of hubs, rims, spoke drilling and spoke gauges to match you performance needs and durability expectations. Hand building these types of wheels is a craft and considered by many an art form. Here at Schwab Cycles we have been building wheels for all types of riders for over 35 years.

  Mavic XM430 DT Swiss XM421 Astral Sepintine or Backbone
Astral Sepitine or Backbone Carbon
Shimano XT M8100 Disc $415 $505 $508 $1574
Shimano XTR M9111 Disc $729 $818 $822 $1888
Sram 900 Disc $534 $623 $626 $1692
DT Swiss 350 $543 $632 $635 $1702
DT Swiss 240 $908 $997 $1000 $2066

Wheels Built with DT Swiss 14 gauge stainless spokes

Add $.25 each for 14/15 gauge butted spokes

Add $.69 each for black 14 gauge spokes

Add $.99 each for black 14/15 gauge spokes

Add $3.00 each for DT Aero Comp bladed spokes

Add $.25 each for silver alloy nipples

Add $.50 each for colored alloy nipples

Call and talk with one of our wheel builders to discuss and recommend a handbuilt wheelset tailored to you riding needs. 303-238-0243

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