Clement LAS 700x33 Black Folding Nail-File CX

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The LAS was designed to stand atop the podium at the annual CrossVegas Cyclocross race, held every year during the Interbike trade show. This is a tire best suited for dry conditions or grass courses. The LAS nail file tread starts short and fine at the center of the tire an gets progressively taller and coarser as it approaches the shoulder knobs. This creates predictable performance at all angles when cornering and riding off camber sections while keeping straight away riding as fast as possible . Available in folding bead only.

  • ⋅ CX tire for hard, fast conditions
  • ⋅ Diamond-file tread with shoulder knobs
  • ⋅ Folding Bead is a 120 tpi Casing
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