How to buy a helmet

All Helmets is the USA meet standard Snell and ANSI safety standards, meaning they all do a good job protecting your head while on a bicycle. There is a new additional standard called MIPS (Multi Intpact Protection System), which is a different and unique protection design that is available on some helmets. A helmet with the additional MIPS protection, will raise the price of the helmet. Generally speaking as the price of a helmet goes up, the vents get larger, or have more of them. So you pay more for increased ventilation. The more expensive helmets will be lighter in weight and offer a better, more comfortable fit system. But the protection is the same on helmets regardless of price. In other words all non-MIPS helmets protect the same and all MIPS helmets protect the same. 

To choose a helmet, try them on and pick the brand that matches you head shape, and feels most comfortable. Some brands fit rounder heads better, some fit head head oval shapes better. To tell if it's the correct size and fit, without the helmet strap buckled, bend over 90 degrees at the waist, and the helmet should not fall off, slip or move. 


Now the only thing left is to pick a color